NAC kids CAN is more than a motto.  It is a belief that with real help and real hope, children with disabilities or chronic illnesses can realize their dreams.  NAC witnesses these dreams come true everyday.  

In His Own Words

“When I first came to NAC, I was an eight-year-old boy living at the New York Foundling Hospital. I had been living there almost my whole life. Later that year, on September 5th, NAC made a ground-breaking event happen that forever changed my life. On that day I left New York Foundling and began living with my then foster (and now adoptive) mother, a strong woman who has taught me the values of humanity, social awareness, perseverance, and love.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of the NAC family. From the very beginning NAC made me feel special. I can remember many summers when one of the NAC drivers would take me to camp. I remember how many times NAC made it possible for me to get a new wheelchair or connected me to the best specialists in New York.”

Now, I am twenty-four years old and a graduate student at Hofstra University pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies.”

Still Connected

Tayo was one of NAC’s first clients.  In every step of his life, he defied what experts thought possible for a young man with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair.  Before NAC become involved, there was a real possibility that Tayo would live the rest of his life in a hospital.  But with a nurturing family of his own and NAC’s support he soared to new heights.  He acted in plays, learned how to bowl, went to summer camp, graduated valedictorian of his high school class.  He balanced surgeries and school; people’s perception of him with a forever positive attitude that he can do anything he sets him mind too.  Today, he is still connected to NAC as a member of the NAC Alumni Group.  He meets with local politicians and works with other NAC alums on ways to advocate for people with disabilities.

"When I was thirteen I noticed NAC spelled backwards is CAN. NAC kids can do anything."

Tayo - credited with NAC's new website name


Tayo with NAC Executive Director Arlene Goldsmith, PhD


Virginia and Adetayo Benyon, 2003


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