Joshua, who has Marfan syndrome, a chronic and debilitative illness, lives with his mother and four siblings in a two-room shelter. The family's struggle with homelessness is exacerbated by maintaining strict medication regimens, painful procedures, and lengthy medical appointments.

Just as he was giving up on school, Joshua was referred to New Alternatives for Children. NAC believed in Joshua and he proved us right.

In his own words...

I live with my mom and four siblings in a two-room shelter. We’ve been homeless pretty much my whole life. I know my mom is trying her best for all of us kids. She hasn’t been able to work because I have a lot of doctor’s appointments. I have a disorder called Marfan syndrome. I keep growing and that causes a lot of pain in my knees and my back; sometimes I have to walk with crutches. Last year, I missed a lot of school because I couldn’t walk, and when I did go, I couldn’t see the blackboard. This year NAC helped me transfer to a high school that is so much better, and they bought me an Ipad so that I can zoom in on the black board. I also have a tutor at NAC.

10 Days of NAC

Joshua shared his story with us for last year's 10 Days of NAC campaign.

What's next...

Joshua went from failing to getting straight A’s. His sister Sonya went to college in September and he shared that it was the most amazing thing that happened to his family because she would have never been able to go without NAC’s help. Joshua wants to go to college too. "I’m really interested in how things work and I want to build things," he says. "Maybe I will become an engineer."

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