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NAC builds on family strengths, provides opportunities, and assists all family members in reaching for and realizing their dreams.

Service Statistics & Accomplishments

  • Only child welfare agency in New York City that exclusively serves medically fragile children and has on-site licensed medical and mental health clinics.
  • Helped more than 2,900 medically fragile children remain in the community and avoid long-term hospitalization or institutionalization.
  • Nationally recognized for outstanding adoption outcomes in 2008 with an Adoption Excellence Award from the federal government.
  • Adoptions have been finalized for children as old as 18, sibling groups of five, and children with terminal medical conditions.
  • The lowest number of adoption dissolutions – only one – among all foster care agencies in NYC, and none since the inception of PLAN in 1994.
  • 98-99% of NAC children and families in the Preventive Services Program successfully remain together, avoiding the need for foster care placement.
  • Over 100 NAC children have attended or graduated from college.
  • NAC saves tax payers $365,000 a year by bringing one child home from the hospital.
  • Among safety, permanency and well-being, NAC is the second highest ranking foster care agency in New York City and the first highest among agencies serving medically fragile children.
  • According to the NYC Children’s Services Scorecard, NAC’s Preventive Services Program received 100% in six scored categories related to safety, well-being, and casework – a score rarely achieved by other agencies.
  • Children at NAC who are eligible for adoption are adopted at a substantially higher rate, approximately 98%, compared with the citywide average of 73.1% -- despite the fact that NAC’s children have serious and complex medical conditions.

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