Special Medical Preventive Services

For some birth families, the struggle to care for a child with disabilities is too great, and the threat of losing the child to foster care or another institutional setting is very real. NAC's Preventive Services program provides comprehensive support to those families.

NAC's central challenge is to achieve safety and permanency within a family for children who are at risk of abuse and/or neglect and who have special medical needs, among other challenges. Beyond safety and permanency, NAC's umbrella services support the long-term objective of meeting the needs of all family members so that they may reach their full potential and maximum independence.

Every Family in NAC’s Special Medical Preventive Services program is assigned a Social Worker and a Nurse who provide intensive case management and support for the family, conduct regular home visits to assure all children are safe and well-cared for, and help the family identify, access and coordinate needed services. 

Families are further supported by on-site health, educational and social support services provided by a caring and professional staff.  The breadth and array of coordinated services offered at NAC ensure that families in Preventive Services spend less time in the child welfare system and gain the skills necessary to safely care for their children at home.  Services include:

  • Intensive case management and support
  • Licensed medical and mental health clinic
  • Educational advocacy and support
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Parenting education and parent-child interaction groups
  • Mentoring and youth development programs
  • Therapeutic counseling and recreational children's groups
  • Art, music & drama therapy
  • Sibling services
  • Home health aide services and/or respite care referrals.
  • Legal & housing advocacy
  • Vocational support & advocacy
  • Summer camp placement and support
  • Wheelchair-accessible transportation services
  • Food, clothing and toy bank
  • Financial aid for emergencies or the purchase of special equipment
  • 24 hour crisis hotline

NAC's Preventive Services program is funded in part through a contract with New York City Children's Services.

Contact us

To find out more about NAC's Preventive Services Program, please contact the Prevention Intake Coordinator, at 212-696-1550 or via email at prevention@NacKidsCan.org.

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