Partners In Parenting (PIP)
Aftercare Preventive Services

Understanding and support can make all the difference for parents of children with severe disabilities. NAC offers a range of safety-net services for these families’ on-going needs.

After a family achieves stability and there is no longer a risk of abuse/neglect or foster care placement, they may enter NAC's Partners In Parenting (PIP) program. Aftercare prevention is a vital resource to help parents maintain stability. NAC understands that low-income families of children with severe disabilities and chronic illnesses have on-going needs for one or more types of support services.

Parents of a child with a disability must constantly advocate to keep services in place. Coordination of a multitude of healthcare providers is an overwhelming task and supportive peers are difficult to find. When a crisis arises, it is helpful to have someone to call who can point a family in the right direction, answer questions and meet needs. The PIP Program provides the help that can deter a crisis and improve the overall health and well being of the family.

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To find out more about PIP: Contact the Director of PIP 212-696-1550 or via email at

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