Family Permanency Center

The NAC Family Permanency Center offers families formed through adoption or guardianship a place where they can find the support, advocacy, information, and a range of professional health and social services needed to help them create and/or maintain successful and permanent homes.

NAC’s staff of social workers, therapists, nurses, doctors, and educational specialists understand the unique needs, issues and concerns that adoptive and guardianship families’ experience. Our staff will work with each family to meet their unique needs and to support the entire family’s wellbeing, resilience, and permanency.

We work with all types of adoptive and guardianship familes: married couples, unmarried couples, LGBTQ couples, single women and men, and families of all ages, income levels, ethnicities, and religions.

Families will:

  • Receive invaluable support services and advocacy to strengthen the entire family and enable children to reach for and realize their potential.
  • Learn about adoption and guardianship family resources, such as legal assistance, educational and financial planning; recreation and camps; and how to advocate for yourself and your child.
  • Connect with other families to share parenting concerns and challenges; and receive encouragement and support.

On Site Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Information, Advocacy, and Referral
  • Case Management and In-Home Support
  • Education Support and Advocacy
  • Family and Individual Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Support Groups
  • Respite Activities
  • Pediatric and Developmental Services
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Program
  • Psychological/Behavioral Assessments

Contact Us:

To find out more about NAC’s Family Permanency Center, please contact Samantha Callaghan at or call (212) 696-1550