Healthy @ Home

This program was initiated in 2015 to help children go home from long-term care institutionalization or to avoid entering long-term care in the first place.  Different from NAC’s other programs, H@H serves families who have not been involved with the child welfare system although they can be referred to Preventive Services when and if more intense support is needed.  Like our other programs, H@H serves families that have children with special medical needs – often the most severe medical needs among all the families at NAC.  Through a case management model, families receive access to all of NAC’s interdisciplinary services and our highly trained and skilled Social Workers.  H@H is housed at NAC’s Bronx office and provides services citywide.  Demand for this program has exceeded expectations and plans are being made for expansion beyond the 48 families served in the initial year by two Social Workers and a Program Director.

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To find out more about NAC's Healthy @ Home Program, please contact the H@H Director at 212-994-7912 or via

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