Treatment Family Foster Care

For children in foster care with multiple, complex medical and mental health needs, the chance of being institutionalized or aging-out of foster care without a family is very real. NAC's Treatment Family Foster Care (TFFC) program is designed to assure that children with even the most difficult behavioral issues in addition to profound medical conditions, are able to live in the community with a permanent family of their own.

Initiated in 2000, the NAC TFFC serves children with chronic medical needs in combination with serious behavioral/mental health needs.  No other program in New York State has previously served these children through family-based care.  

Children in this program are assigned a Behavior Specialist in addition to a Social Worker and Nurse.  The Behavior Specialist works one-on-one with the child and family in the home to develop and implement a behavior management plan with the family that is age and diagnosis-specific.  This work is key in assuring that the child’s behavior is stabilized and that he or she is able to remain in the home and in the community.

Therapeutic foster/adoptive parents also receive additional training and support to effectively meet the medical and mental health needs of NAC children and provide the best care possible for them, allowing some children who might otherwise be placed in a hospital or Residential Treatment Center to remain within a family setting.

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