"All young people, regardless of what they look like, which religion they follow, who they love, or the gender they identify with, deserve the chance to dream and grow in a loving, permanent home." -Barack Obama

Foster parents have the ability to change lives. NAC takes extra care to recruit and train individuals as foster parents who have the compassion, capacity and understanding to care for a child with serious medical needs. NAC children do not move from home to home and, when they cannot safely be reunified with birth parents, they are adopted by their foster family.

NAC has a fully-staffed Homefinding department whose primary responsibility is to recruit, train, certify, and recertify foster/adoptive parents to care for children with chronic medical conditions. Homefinding Social Workers are dedicated to matching children in foster care with the best possible foster/adoptive home. This is done with care, multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge of the individual child and parent(s)/family. All foster/adoptive parents are specially trained to meet the child's specific medical and/or mental health needs and are informed that they can be the first option explored if/when adoptive parents become needed. The vast majority of NAC children are adopted by their foster parents without the trauma of being transferred to yet another family.

Once placed in a home, the child and foster/adoptive family receive continued support through NAC's array of comprehensive services and programs. Post adoption services are offered through the Post Legal Adoption Network (PLAN).

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To find out more about NAC's Home Finding department, please contact the Home Finding Director, at 212-696-1550 or via email at homefinding@NacKidsCan.org.

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