Special Medical Foster Care & Adoption Program

At NAC, we believe that every child of every ability deserves a permanent, stable home and chance to reach his or her potential. NAC Kids can, and do, live in the community with families of their own.

As a Special Medical Foster Care Program, NAC finds and supports nurturing and committed foster and adoptive homes exclusively for children with severe disabilities and chronic illnesses who cannot remain safely in their birth home, or have no home to which to go.  Foster Care is a temporary placement, and NAC works with birth parents, foster parents, the children, and the extended family to reunite the family as soon as possible. When reunification is not possible, children are adopted by their foster parents. 

NAC provides a knowledgeable and compassionate medical home for every child in care. All children are assigned a Nurse in addition to a Social Worker.  The Nurse and NAC medical team develop treatment plans and coordinate all healthcare services as well as provide ongoing pediatric services, assessment, and health education.  In addition, all foster parents are specially trained to meet the medical and/or mental health needs of the children and provided on-going support through the adoption or reunification process.

Despite the challenges presented by children with complex medical needs, children at NAC do not languish in care, do not move from foster home to foster home, and do not age-out of foster care without a family of their own. Our dedicated team has found loving and permanent homes for children as old as eighteen, siblings groups as large as five, and children who are terminally ill or have other serious and chronic medical conditions. 

Services accessed through NAC's Special Medical Foster Care & Adoption Program include:

  • Case planning
  • Medical and Mental Health Clinics
  • Medical training for foster parents
  • Bridges to Health (B2H) services
  • Educational support & advocacy
  • Early Intervention Program
  • Preparing Youth for Adulthood Program
  • Food, clothing and toy Bank
  • Vocational evaluation & counseling
  • Entitlements & housing advocacy
  • Parent education &
    skills training
  • Parent support groups
  • Group therapies
  • Art, music, and drama therapy
  • Pet-assisted therapy
  • Mentoring
  • Recreational services
  • Sibling services
  • Transportation services
  • 24 hour on-call services
  • Post-adoption program
  • Preventive Services

NAC's Foster Care & Adoption Program is funded in part through a contract with New York City Children's Services.

Contact us

To find out more about NAC's Foster Care & Adoption Program, please contact the Director, at 212-696-1550 or via email at fostercare@NacKidsCan.org.

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