Educational Support and Advocacy

Educational success is key to building a strong foundation for the future. NAC believes in children's abilities and works with children and families to assure that all NAC children, despite their disabilities or life-challenges, reach their full potential.

NAC's Educational Support and Advocacy Program is designed to meet the unique and individual educational needs of medically fragile children and their siblings. Many of NAC's children require specialized educational, nursing and transportation services in order to attend school. Medical procedures and frequent hospitalizations may also interfere with school attendance and educational progress. NAC’s services assure that each child is progressing toward maximum independence as an adult.


NAC’s Masters-level Education Specialists each work with a given age group, giving individualized support for early childhood education through the school-age years and on to college or other post-secondary school options. The Specialist goes to schools, homes, and after-school programs in order to work collaboratively with the children and their educators. Together with the family and NAC Social Worker, the Specialist helps to create an education plan that is appropriate to the needs and goals of the child. NAC Education staff also advocate with the NYC Department of Education to provide services needed to minimize the impact of child welfare involvement on the child's academic success.

Tutoring and Literacy

NAC educational support includes one-on-one tutoring for kindergarten through high school age students, as well as needed test preparation assistance. When students are unable to work with tutors in our Manhattan and Bronx offices, families are linked to educational services in their neighborhoods. NAC is a literacy rich environment where books are on display in every waiting area and playroom. Families are encouraged to take home any books they like. NAC is also a member of “Reach Out and Read” ensuring our children are handed brand new book by our Pediatricians during their medical visits. This helps to open the conversation about reading to your child beginning at birth. Our annual Book Fair allows the entire family to choose from thousands of free books promoting a love of reading in their homes.

College Bound Program

NAC believes that all children can achieve their dreams – whether it is going to college, working in the community, or contributing to society in another way. NAC’s College Bound Program provides NAC youth and their siblings with the tools they need to achieve their college dreams. College Bound services include high school placement, tutoring for SATs, ACTs, and Regents exams, and 1:1 guidance through college admissions and the financial aid system. When students are ready to begin their college journeys, NAC provides school supplies and dorm furnishings. NAC’s College Bound Program also prepares youth for the unique challenges they may face as medically-fragile college students. College Bound Specialists work closely with each matriculated student to secure accommodations such as modified class schedules, assistive technology, testing modifications, and other supports.

Parenting Education

NAC offers a variety of parenting education classes with the goal of helping parents feel more competent in their parenting abilities, and thus, becoming more effective parents. NAC educational staff work with birth parents who are caring for children at home as well as birth parents whose children are in foster care and who are planning for reunification. One parent education program covers important milestones in child development and addresses topics such as positive discipline strategies, communication skills, health and safety, and family routines. The other focuses on the parent and gives them an opportunity to reflect upon themselves and their childhood while considering their child(ren) and their hopes and dreams for the future.  Parents work toward development of their own parenting strategies in the context of these reflections.

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