Mental Health Clinic

NAC is dedicated to providing mental health services as an integral part of our multidisciplinary team approach.  Coordinated, appropriate mental health services are critical to the effectiveness of all other family support services and make a major contribution toward self-sufficiency and normalization of life for NAC's children and families.

As a New York State Licensed Article 31 Mental Health Clinic, NAC offers a full array of outpatient mental health evaluation and treatment for children with chronic medical and mental health issues and their families. Treatment is available for medically fragile children, siblings, and parents by a compassionate and highly experienced team of Psychologists, Social Workers, and Psychiatrists.  Mental health services at NAC are effectively coordinated with medical, child welfare, and other social services to provide unparalleled comprehensive care for children and families with unique physical, health, educational and social-environmental stressors. 

NAC's Mental Health Clinic helps children with special medical needs and their families cope with issues around:

  • Pain management
  • Diet and medication compliance
  • Coping with invasive procedures
  • Inability to communicate and lack of control over bodily functions
  • Disruptions in mother/child bonding and interaction
  • Social isolation and rejection
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor social skills (related to institutional behavior in children with prolonged hospitalizations)
  • Behavior problems
  • Death and dying issues
  • Disrupted relationships and stress

Mental Health Services available at NAC are:

  • Psychological Testing and Consultations, including cognitive and psycho-educational testing, developmental evaluations, parent-child behavioral consultations, and assessments of social-emotional functioning.

  • Psychiatric Consultations, including mental health diagnostic assessments, emergency consultations, and psychopharmacologic reviews.

  • Medication Monitoring, including prescriptions, adjustments, and monitoring of psychotropic medications.

  • Psychotherapy, including individual verbal therapy, play therapy, family therapy, parent guidance, group therapy, referrals to community-based mental health programs.

  • Alternative Therapy Programs including art therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, and pet-assisted therapy.

  • Parent Education and Support, including provision of parent workshops and meetings, and individual and group counseling around specific developmental, behavioral and mental health topics.

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To find out more about NAC's Mental Health Clinic, please contact the Clinic Director, at 212-696-1550 or via email at

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