The Peter Haje Center for Autism


The Peter Haje Center for Autism at New Alternatives for Children is one of many programs within NAC’s Mental Health Clinic, as part of the Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic. NAC’s Mental Health Clinic provides a full range of psychiatric and psychological services, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. NAC provides ABA therapy as part of it’s Family Centered Treatment approach. Parents and caregivers are critical contributors to treatment, and valued members of each ABA treatment team.

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Our Staff

Khalid Khan, M.D.

Khalid Khan, M.D., is Director of Mental Health Services. Prior to joining NAC in 2007, Dr. Khan variously served as a Consulting, Staff, or Attending Psychiatrist, or Medical Director, for the BlueSky-NYC Juvenile Justice Initiative at New York Foundling Hospital; Camp Venture, in Nanuet; Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn; and the Clarkstown School District, Rockland County. He has served Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City as Clinical Assistant Professor and Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, as well as Chief Resident in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He completed Fellowship Training in the Psychopharmacology of Development Disorders at the Seaver Center for Autism, and Fellowship Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Khan has received awards for outstanding work in psychiatric research, and for demonstrated excellence in inpatient care and professional relations.

Maureen O’Grady, BCBA, LBA

Maureen O'Grady is the Associate Director of the Peter Haje Center for Autism, specializing in designing and supervising treatment as well as educating caregivers and advocating for children on the autism spectrum. Maureen has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst since 2014. She has worked with individuals who have special needs since 2011 in schools, homes and center-based locations. Maureen is a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Trainer certified by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), and provides clinical supervision and training to NAC’s ABA Treatment Team to prevent behavioral crises and ensure client success.

ABA Treatment Team

The NAC ABA Treatment Team is comprised of highly experienced BCBA/LBA’s, Registered Behavior Technicians and ABA trained Behavior Technicians. The team is led by Maureen O'Grady, under the supervision of the Director of Mental Health, Dr. Khalid Khan. Maureen provides clinical supervision and training to NAC’s ABA Treatment Team to prevent behavioral crises and ensure client success.

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