Programs and Services

Real help - helping a child receive a cochlear implant so he can hear or assisting a family in finding safe, accessible and affordable housing can change a life.

As one of the top-rated child welfare agencies in New York City, NAC provides a continuum of family support that focuses on strengthening and empowering families caring for children with chronic medical conditions at home. Crisis intervention, mental health and medical care, job readiness, homelessness prevention, educational advocacy and parent support groups are just a few of the interdisciplinary services integrated within the NAC's core child welfare programs that ensure families - birth, foster and adoptive - have the ability to successfully care for and nurture their children.

Prevention Programs

Families are much more likely to remain intact when they are provided with help in meeting multiple, ongoing challenges. By keeping challenges from becoming crises, NAC accomplishes its number one goal:
family preservation.

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Foster Care & Adoption Programs

The goal is to achieve a permanent home for each child as quickly as possible, either through reunification with the birth family when that is safe and possible, or though adoption by foster parents. Children enter this program when they cannot stay safely at home.

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Bridges to Health (B2H) Program

Children placed in foster care who are medically complex, developmentally disabled or are severely emotionally disturbed need extra, intensive support services in order to remain in the community. NAC's Bridges to Health (B2H) Program builds upon our health and child welfare expertise to offer a full range of flexible, comprehensive services designed to support family functioning and to help children in foster care achieve permanency and stay out of institutional care.

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Comprehensive Health Care Center

Key to the stability and long-term well being of NAC's children is quality medical and mental health care. NAC has on-site licensed medical and mental health clinics that provide pediatric care, developmental and medical evaluations, mental health assessments and treatment, nutritional services, and more.

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Educational Support & Advocacy

All NAC children are helped to find the right schools, and get the support they need to succeed. Educational services don't begin or end there, however. Services start with Early Intervention for infants, and extend through a college-bound program. Parenting education programs are also offered.

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Family Support

Real help begins with meeting basic needs. From a 24-hour crisis hotline to vocational services and youth development programs, housing and resource advocacy, recreation groups and activities, wheelchair accessible transportation and a food, clothing and toy bank, NAC's holistic approach helps families meet a multiplicity of needs.

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The number of children who have achieved permanency in loving, stable and nurturing homes thanks to NAC's help.

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Helping the Neediest

Through funds provided by the New York Times Neediest Cases Fund, getting extermination services for bed bugs made all the difference for one Bronx family.

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Get Involved

A little help goes a long way. School supplies, house warming baskets, a new book to read...all make a world of difference to NAC children and families.

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