Methods and Strategies

The needs of fragile families are extensive, and may change rapidly with changes in circumstance. NAC’s model allows for a wide spectrum of targeted, quality services and the flexibility to handle the unexpected. We rely on eight strategies to achieve our goals and ensure the provision of quality, comprehensive services.


A full Continuum of Care is made available to each client at NAC through a range of programs from early intervention to post-adoption or aftercare. 


A Multidisciplinary Team Approach facilitates the provision of comprehensive services.


Early Assessment and Intervention is provided to children, birth parents and foster parents in order to engage families immediately and provide appropriate services as quickly as possible. 


Concurrent Permanency Planning is employed in all foster care casesReturn to the birth family and adoption are simultaneously considered and prepared for, to achieve the swiftest possible permanency for the child. 


Homefinding is key to recruit, train, and certify quality foster homes that also can serve as pre-adoptive placements.  NAC’s children are not moved from home to home; they are adopted by their own foster parents. 


The Program Staffing model requires highly qualified staff.  All social workers hold at least a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree and handle caseloads of no more that 8 to 12 families at a time.


Treatment Continuity dictates that one social worker follows a case from intake through foster care and up to adoption finalization or return home. 


A full range of Normalizing Activities is an essential component of NAC’s services and is offered to children for whom other recreational and family activities are simply inaccessible.


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