COVID-19: The impact on our NAC community

In these unprecedented times, NAC is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our clients, staff and organization. Our work providing critical services and care to the most vulnerable New Yorkers is challenging on any given day. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it only more critical that our services continue uninterrupted for high-risk children and caregivers. We remain open and are adapting our services to meet the urgent and rapidly-changing needs of our community.

What Our Families Are Facing:

Not only do NAC children have serious medical conditions and must remain in quarantine at this time, but many of their caregivers are also high-risk for serious illness from COVID-19. Given the precarious situations these families face, serious or even fatal illness of a caregiver would be especially devastating to the children. The anxiety that many of us are facing is exponential for these children and families, who in addition to having experienced substantial trauma, are virtually all living in poverty. 

The majority of families we serve - many one-parent households - report that they have lost their minimum wage jobs and are struggling to afford food and basic necessities. Quarantined in small apartments, they are struggling with access, too: grocery delivery is seldom available in their neighborhoods and local stores are quickly depleted. Even as classwork and activities have moved online, many NAC families lack the high speed internet and equipment they need for children to connect and keep up.

How We’re Helping:

Our offices remain open to provide essential services and our incredible staff continues to go above and beyond for our clients, with social workers, nurses and doctors on the front lines of this crisis.

Food Bank:

Our Food Bank is the busiest it has ever been, tripling the numbers we normally serve in a month. A limited number of dedicated NAC staff and volunteers are in the office packing food and basic necessities: our vans are making daily deliveries to families. In the past two months NAC has delivered food to over 1500 families. We continue to deliver groceries and hot meals to over 200 families weekly. 

Medical & Mental Health:

Our Medical and Mental Health clinics remain open and visits are being kept, either in person or through telehealth. NAC staff are using telehealth tools to stay connected with clients, like Dr. Okun who is meeting with families virtually to help them navigate this crisis, give them critical information and coordinate with hospitals and doctors. For the most vulnerable children and critical needs, our social workers, doctor and nurse are making home visits using our fleet of NAC vans. Our Autism program is providing online training to help parents continue therapy with their children at home, like many other therapeutic groups which continue to meet virtually. 

Foster Care:

At-risk children still need safe and loving homes, even and especially in the midst of this crisis. Our social workers are working overtime to ensure children have everything they need for this transition, from beds to clothing and books. 


Our Education team is helping all of our families transition to remote learning, ensuring that they have the access and laptops and skills to keep up. When equipment is lacking or broken, NAC is purchasing equipment so that kids don’t fall further behind, and providing additional online tutoring. NAC purchased 200 laptops for kids who didn't receive devices from the NYC Dept. of Ed. With support from our Food Bank and partners, we’re also delivering books directly to NAC families. 

What Comes Next

While we remain steadfast in serving our NAC families and ensuring their care and safety, we are also facing unprecedented operational and financial challenges. Alongside losses in funding and revenue, we anticipate steep costs to purchase food and supplies for our families over the next two months. In this moment, one of the toughest we’ve ever faced as an agency, our staff has stepped up in a truly incredible way. But to continue our work, we’re counting on the support of our community partners. More than ever we need your help to keep NAC programs operating and available for children in need. Without help, thousands of vulnerable children will be left without a safety net. 

Please consider supporting our families in this time of great need.



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