What is Foster Parenting?

Being a foster parent for a child with a disability or chronic medical condition involves providing a home and much more. It involves a commitment to giving a child consistent love, support and understanding, and helping the child through a tremendously difficult time. It may involve helping a child make the transition back to his or her parents or, when this is not possible, being asked to make a permanent commitment to a child through adoption.

Who are the Children needing Foster Care?

Children who are medically fragile, and in many cases their siblings, are placed into foster care with NAC following parental neglect, abuse, or abandonment. The children at NAC can have a wide range of illnesses and disabilities - such as cancer, cerebral palsy, HIV/AIDS, genetic disorders, spina bifida, and respiratory disorders. Some children require wheelchairs or other specialized equipment. In addition, siblings of children with medical challenges may need close attention to their emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Foster children at NAC are loving, intelligent, inventive, and inspirational. Even though NAC works with children with medical and mental health needs, these needs certainly do not define the children.

Foster Parent Support

NAC has more than 27 years of unparalleled expertise of working with medically fragile children. As a foster parent, you will be supported as a key member of a full team of dedicated professionals.

On-site services available at NAC include:

  • 24-hour access to staff
  • On-site medical and mental health clinics, as well as coordination with community providers
  • Significant training on caring for children with special needs
  • One-on-one training with medical staff
  • Access to transportation for children with mobility impairments
  • Bridges to Health services
  • Recreational outings
  • Educational advocacy
  • Family counseling
  • Foster Parent Association
  • Assistance with adoption process
  • Post-adoption services

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