Meet Yvonne

“As a foster a parent, I know how important it is to be patient, consistent, structured and have lots of unconditional love in my heart for the child and his birth family.”
– Yvonne, NAC Foster Parent

Yvonne is the adoptive mother of two children with special needs and has been a foster parent with NAC since 1997. In 2008, Yvonne started caring for Matty, who has a diagnosis of Autism. Matty was 10 years old when he was placed in foster care; he was non- verbal and not toilet trained. After being in Yvonne's home, Matty learned to respond to structured life and was soon toilet trained. She understood that Matty needed to be allowed to reach his potential and continued to encourage him without fail.

In addition to providing a nurturing and balanced home for Matty, Yvonne and her family worked with Matty's birth father to help him better understand his son's behaviors and how to deal with those behaviors. One year after Matty was placed in foster care, he was reunited with his father, brother and sister. Yvonne still keeps in contact with Matty and his father and has offered to serve as a respite source anytime it is needed.

Knowing that you are giving a child the chance at a better is the greatest reward of a foster parent. Yvonne's example has literally inspired her entire family. In 2007, her 29 year-old daughter became a foster parent with NAC. She has been instrumental in helping four different children reunite safely and happily with their respective birth families. In 2008, Yvonne's son and daughter-in-law became foster parents as well and are currently in the process of providing a permanent home through adoption for a child with a terminal illness. Seeing first hand the difference foster parenting makes in the life of a child, Yvonne's daughter in-law's mother and step-father became foster parents with NAC in 2009. They are currently providing a home for a teenager with cystic fibrosis, diabetes and developmental delays.

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