Meet Angela & Rashid

Everyday Angela cared for Saliman in the hospital. She was not his mother, but his Developmental Specialist at Blythedale Children's Hospital.

Due to his diagnosis of Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome, both of Saliman's legs were amputated; he had a tracheostomy, gastrostamy and multiple congenital anomolies. His medical care was simply too much for his birth family and they were unable to take him home from the hospital.

Angela found herself thinking about Saliman after work, and how this little boy with so much energy and so much joy didn't deserve to live in a hospital. He was simply a regular child, who despite his extraordinary medical needs, needed parents to encourage and love him.

Angela spoke in length to her husband Rashid about becoming foster/adoptive parents to Saliman. It would be a big responsibility, but one that had so many rewards. Angela had the medical expertise to understand Saliman's complex medical needs. But most of all, she and her husband had compassionate hearts to absorb Saliman's social, emotional, intellectual, educational and spiritual needs. And they had a bedroom in their home that was perfect for a little bot with a lot of energy.

After many legal proceedings and court dates, the big day finally came when Saliman's adoption was finalized. The event was celebrated at NAC with family and friends as well Saliman's social workers, nurses, and all involved to help make the adoption possible. As doting parents usually do, Angela and Rashid could not stop talking about their son's accomplishments. One story, in particular, captured everyone's attention. Rashid proudly told about how Saliman, following in his father's footsteps, ran his first 2k marathon.

Today, Salimann is in the 4th grade in a mainstream class and doing very well. He is bowling in a Challenger bowling league and also plays on a Challenger baseball team. Angela is also happy to report that Saliman's trach and g-tube have been removed because he no longer needs them.

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