Meet Margaret

“The support I receive from NAC is beyond compare. No matter what the need or problem, the agency can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The staff provides unlimited emotional support and offers educational and therapeutic groups for the foster parents so that we can take better care of our children.” - Margaret, NAC Foster Parent

Margaret was a foster parent with another agency for close to 20 years. Although she helped to nurture many children in need of a loving and supportive home, Margaret felt strongly that she had enough love and patience to foster a child with special medical needs. She told NAC’s homefinder that she really wanted to work with children with disabilities because she “knew they were harder to place and need so much more.”

Two years ago, Margaret became licensed with NAC’s Therapeutic Foster Boarding Home Program which finds homes for children with both medical and mental health needs. Five year old Joe was placed almost immediately in Margaret’s home. Joe has chronic asthma, is obese and has pervasive developmental delays. When he was first placed in foster care, he had difficulty sleeping and serious behavior issues. Margaret’s compassion for Joe and her competence in working with the therapeutic team helped Joe to manage his behavior and control his asthma. Today Joe is able to sleep well and express his feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Margaret works with Joe’s school, his birth parent, and the NAC team all toward the goal of assuring Joe has a good quality of life and toward eventually reunifying with his birth mother. Margaret’s great strength is her ability to understand that there are no problematic children, only children with different abilities and different challenges. With appropriate help from foster parents like Margaret and the NAC team, children of all abilities and backgrounds can become productive citizens in their own ways.

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