Key Staff

NAC is led by a dedicated and caring team of professionals who have the special knowledge and expertise to ensure that our mission is fulfilled and that lives are changed.

Arlene Goldsmith, LCSW, PhD
Executive Director

David Goldstein, PsyD
Chief Operating Officer

Leonard Saul, BBA
Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Bryant-Reid, LCSW
Associate Executive Director

Cy Orfield, LCSW
Associate Executive Director

Michael Celentano, MA
Associate Executive Director

Cindy Cavalli, BA
Executive Assistant to Dr. Goldsmith/
Assistant Director Donor Events

Kristine Claphan, LCSW
Sr. Director of Children & Family Treatment & Support Services & Children's Home & Community Based Services (CFTSS and HCBS)

Carla Riccobono, LSW
Sr. Director of Foster Care & Adoption

Carola Haberly, LCSW
Sr. Director of Preventive Services

Leine Spohngellert, LMSW
Director of Specialized
Foster Care & Adoption

Anna Solomon, PhD
Director of Homefinding

Alex Okun, MD
Medical Director

Tomas Hunt, MA
Director of Education &
Government Relations

Chelsey Yang, RN
Director of Nursing

Lisa Shaber, MBA, MA
Director of Institutional Giving

Maureen O'Grady, BCBA, LBA
Associate Director of The Peter Haje Center
for Autism

Jenny Traslavina, BA
Director of Development

Lincoln Hess, MD

Tasha Cancio, LMSW
Director of Healthy@Home

Lincoln Hess, MD

Bobbi Nathanson, LMSW, LSW, ACSW
Director of Volunteers, Student Internships & Community Relations

Khalid Khan, MD
Director of Mental Health Services

Ashley Golub, PsyD
Director of Psychological Services

Annie Koontz, MBA
Director of Quality Improvement and Corporate Compliance

Gail Auchterlonie, MA
Director of Human Resources

Linda Peck, MA, ATR, LCAT
Director of Creative Arts
and Alternative Therapies

David Shichman, LMSW
Director of Resources, Advocacy &
Homelessness Prevention

Michelle McCollet, LCSW
Sr. Director of Champions for Children's Health


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