In the early 1980s, hundreds of medically fragile children with profound healthcare and social needs were growing up in New York City–area hospitals. These children, once referred to as ‘throwaway kids’ by the public, faced challenges that overwhelmed existing child welfare agencies. NAC was created with the exclusive mission of helping these children and developing a successful and comprehensive strategy that is still effective today

A Home for Every Child

NAC was founded on beliefs that defied popular opinion. Agency founders believed that, with adequate support, families living in poverty could welcome home their medically fragile children, or that foster and adoptive families could be found when this was not possible. Nearly three decades of NAC success stories has proven this belief to be true.

The agency began as a demonstration project with a budget of $100,000. In 1985, the agency’s Prevention program welcomed its first 15 families. NAC helped these families secure support services enabling their medically fragile children to come home from the hospital, in some cases, for the first time.

NAC has grown in size and scope while remaining true to its original mission. Today, NAC serves nearly 1,700 children and families a year with 52 programs and services. In addition to Prevention and Foster Care, NAC provides prevention aftercare and post adoption services, mental health and medical care, educational services, over 30 annual recreation activities and programs, creative arts programs, housing advocacy, and transportation services.

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